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Request for Editorial coverage

Are you a young startup or entrepreneur looking to be featured on YourStory? Or do you have news of a key milestone at your startup that you would like covered by our Editorial team? 


At YourStory, our mission is to celebrate the stories of India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, from startups to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs),  as well as the enterprises, investors, technologists, policymakers, and changemakers who are enabling the growth of the country’s innovation-driven, digital economy.


You can get featured on YourStory in three ways:

  1. Startup story: An in-depth article about your startup to enable discovery of your business and innovation - sample

  2. YourStory Profiles listing: An opportunity to list your company on YourStory’s listing and data platform - sample

  3. Announcements coverage: A follow-up article on your startup in the wake of a significant milestone or development you would like covered - sample


Submit a request to have your story covered by filling out the form below and sharing your information with us. 

We will be reviewing the submissions regularly and our Editorial team will be in touch with you to verify the details submitted and to set up an interaction with you to cover your story. As we will be reaching out to all valid requests individually, we request your patience once the requests are made.


If you have an urgent request for non-Editorial coverage and Branded solutions, please reach out to


Submissions and Feedback

To contact the Editorial team for any feedback on an article or to report an error, write to:


To contact the Editorial team for any other coverage-related issues or queries, write to:


If you would like to contribute to our Community page, write to:


IMPORTANT: YourStory Editorial team does not, under any circumstances, solicit payments or related forms of compensation for our Editorial coverage. We have, however, been made aware of individuals posing as YourStory employees and soliciting such payments. Should you encounter such instances, please report the matter immediately to us at

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